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Buy Handmade Hindu God & Goddesses Ornaments online in Kolkata on Nextbuye

Hindu God & Goddess collection

Bringing you the fascinating collection of handmade jewelry necklaces of popular Hindu gods & goddesses. Proudly wear them at events.

Buy Handmade Fashion Earrings online in Kolkata on Nextbuye

Ethnic & Tribal Inspired Earrings

Earrings bring out the beauty of the person wearing them. Traditional ethnic designed handmade earrings for girls & women made with extra love.

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Fashion Jewellery

Jewelry is worn by women dating back centuries. It amplifies the inner beauty of any girl or woman. Check out our collection of crystal, ethnic, tribal, meenakari, and more. Handmade jewelry necklaces for wearing at parties, religious events, engagements, and weddings.

Buy Handmade Jewellery for Women online in Kolkata on Nextbuye
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Handicrafts Items

Nextbuye is committed to bringing the best handicraft items made by the most skilled artisans of West Bengal. We’re updating our inventory with the latest embroidery, jute bags, paintings, artworks, earthen pots, furniture, sculptures, and other handmade items.

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NextBuye: Online store for Imitation, Artificial & Handmade Jewelry in India

You can find almost everything online nowadays from electronics to fashion-related products, but we often see that many of the so-called best e-commerce sites in India lack quality products when it comes to imitation & Handmade Jewelry items & accessories. Jewelry is one of the sought-after products among all ages from girls to women, Indian women just love to wear jewelry. So, Nextbuye is committed to bringing quality & the latest handmade traditional & Ethnic design jewelry to every Indian woman.

Handmade fabric jewelry

We make this type of jewelry using different types of fabrics, beads, cotton & silk dori among others, they’ve become famous lately, this younger generation girls & women are buying them in huge numbers. Handmade fabric jewelry includes mostly necklaces & earrings.

Handcrafted jewelry

Just like the above-stated one, handcrafted jewelry is also very much popular. There are made by the finest artisans and people who have excellent taste in jewelry design. There are many types of handcrafted ornaments like earrings, necklaces, jewelry sets, chokers, and also finger rings.

This type of jewelry is made using clay, bamboo, jute, cotton & silk dori, etc. Also, hand-painted jewelry falls into this category.

Ethnic terracotta jewelry

As we know that terracotta items are those which are made using clay and there is no exception here as well.

Ethnic terracotta jewelry is made using clay, various pendants, and other shapes, and designs are carved out of clay. Those are burnt & hand-painted as a part of the final touch.

After completion, the various pieces of jewelry designs are put together without ornaments, giving rise to a new & attractive ethnic design that caters to all women who love these types of jewelry designs.

Currently, we’re outsourcing our terracotta jewelry items to artisans living in remote villages of West Bengal. Hence, you’ll get a taste of original designs.

Handmade fashion jewelry

This type of handmade fashion jewelry is a combination of a direct mix of the latest trendy fashion jewelry designs made using no machinery, i.e. purely put together by artisans using their tools only.

Over time, as we humans grow, and so does our taste in everything. Nextbuye is not too far behind over time we have also introduced many types of fashion jewelry that are handmade check them here.

Custom made necklace

Okay, this doesn’t fall under any category as custom handmade jewelry is those which are made as per customer requirement, some tweaks in existing designs or completely new design given by the customer and made by the artisans, these are custom made jewelry.

There are many advantages of handmade jewelry if the customer doesn’t like any specific item color, item, or tassel, so those things can be provided as per the customer’s choice.

If you want any changes in any jewelry design, contact us with the product name we’ll help you with your specifications as much as possible. Prices will vary depending on the level of customization.

Hand-painted jewellery

There are various types of handcrafted jewelry that are made into the final product by painting over them using just hands no artificial machinery is involved.

Hand-painted jewelry is in the form of clay pendants, jute, cotton & silk dori, and also on some fabric designs.

We give very skilled painters the job to paint accurately with the most attractive color schemes that leave a lasting impression on onlookers.

Oxidized jewellery

This is a very common type of handmade jewelry out there in the market. Oxidized jewelry raw materials are made using alloys of zinc, brass, metal, etc.

The raw materials are of an outstanding quality that is made to last long. The raw materials are put together to make desired jewelry designs, mostly modern & traditional jewelry necklace sets you can find everywhere.

Did we forget to mention that we also make blacked polished oxidized jewelry, which is by far the most beautiful and long-lasting in terms of texture? Be sure to check out some of our best blacked polished oxidized jewelry designs in India.

Oxidized earrings

These are oxidized alloys of zinc & metal, used to make oxidized jewelry. We nextbuye have a wide range of oxidized earrings for girls & women both the latest trendy fashion and traditional designs.

We also make black polished oxidized earrings which are much more attractive in both looks & design.

Handmade Fashion Jewelry and earrings

Apart from all the ethnic and traditional jewelry and earrings, we also make fashion jewelry based on the latest fancy designs. We have some trendy fashion earrings made using stones, crystals, and American diamonds.

We have bridal set jewelry made using American diamonds, making them look gorgeous and unique. Apart from this, there are finger rings, bracelets, and bangles. You name it; we have all the latest items with us.

Jhumka & Chandbali earrings

Among all other earrings designs, Jhumka and chandbali are the two most popular designs among Indian women. And guess what, we’re well prepared for it too. Fortunately, we’ve over 100+ Jhumka & Chandbali earrings collections with us at this moment.

If you’re looking for ethnic, traditional, or the latest Jhumka & Chandbali earrings online in India, then we nextbuye won’t disappoint you.

Haldi jewellery for the bride

Haldi flower jewelry set for traditional Indian marriage. Yellow and red color flower Haldi sets for brides are now the favorite piece of jewelry for almost every Hindu marriage. Nextbuye is also keeping up with this trend, already selling many of them all over India.

Currently, we are making some beautiful handmade flower jewellery for Haldi, which every bride going to love.

Traditional jewelry necklace

These are jewelry designs inspired by the vast and multi-culture of our country, India. Traditional jewelry represents the jewelry designs of native Indian tribes, villages, and so on.

Making these types of jewelry necklaces requires research and knowledge of the various jewelry types and designs worn by the women & girls of those native tribal villages or of the concerned place.

Our artisans are experienced in making various types of traditional Indian jewelry necklaces inspired by cultures all around rural India.

Handmade jewellery raw material in India

We Nextbuye is also selling raw materials for making jewelry from Kolkata, West Bengal, we’re in the process of expanding this to all over India in the upcoming days.

Many jewelry makers are looking for imitation jewellery raw material suppliers, and we want to extend a helping hand, to let them buy their raw material requirements for DIY jewelry making from us.

Why Should You Buy From Nextbuye?

This is a very genuine question: why should you buy from us? Well, we can’t say for others, but we are registered with MSME India and are regular participants in Trade Fairs organized by both central and state governments all over India.

This is proof that we are not an overnight company we’ve been around for quite some time and can fulfill our promises of quality assurance products.

The goal of our online store is to be not only the best handmade jewelry and handicraft store in Eastern India, but also in the entire country.

If you buy from us you’re directly supporting a local small business, especially the artisans, this encourages us to work with more determination. Please be #VocalForLocal.

Announcement: We’re happy to introduce free shipping over a cart value of 799INR for WB customers & 899INR for the rest of India. We are happy to inform our buyers that we’ve enabled cash on delivery, i.e. COD as payment type.

For the latest designs or product-related queries, feel free to WhatsApp.

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