Oxidized Jewellery Raw Material Wholesale Online

We NextBuye are happy to announce that now we have also started selling raw materials for jewellery making in Kolkata and also all over India.

There is a good demand for DIY imitation jewelry making raw materials among skillful artisans and small home business owner especially women who make and sell handmade jewellery and accessories to make a living or as a side hustle.

To facilitate the procurements of handmade jewellery making raw materials from online and delivered to your doorstep, we’re taking this initiative.

Currently, we are selling the essential raw material that is required from making necklace, earrings, bangles, jhumkas, and other accessories.

Some of the oxidised jewellery raw materials that we’re selling right now are:

  • Oxidized jhumka making materials
  • Beads
  • Oxidized pendants for necklaces and for making other handmade jewelry accessories
  • Tiger tail
  • Cotton beads
  • Silk beads
  • Chemical beads
  • Plastic beads
  • Coins
  • Jhumur
  • Brass Jhumur
  • Kori
  • Threads
  • Meenakri items
  • Oxidized Indian God & Goddesses replica for making necklace
  • Gold plated articles for earrings and other handmade jewelry designs.
  • Silver Jhumur

And many more.

Oxidized jewellery making raw materials price list in India:

ItemsQuantityPrice per Kilogram[Rs.]
Locket1 gram to 5 kg1200
5 kg to 10kg1100
10 kg above1000
Charms1 gram to 5 kg1200
5 kg to 10kg1100
10 kg above1000
Jhumka1 gram to 2 kg1400
2 kg – 5kg1300
5 kg above1200
Tops1 gram to 250 gram1.8/gram
250 gram to 1 kg1.6/gram
1 kg to 2 kg1450
2 kg to 5 kg1300
5 kg above1200
Cotton beads50 piece packet55-65
Tassel (normal)1 piece10
Tassel (designer)1 piece25
Tassel (double braided)1 piece18
Loose items1 gram1
Jewelry Making Wire1 roll (silver/golden)
Oxidized jewellery making raw materials price chart in India:

Note: Price not fixed. Price will vary.

Price starts from 1.4INR per gram to 1.8INR per gram. Minimum order quantity is Rs 2000.

If you’re searching for oxidized jewellery raw material shop near me, then visit for the lowest price anywhere in India.

To order or inquiry, please WhatsApp us at: +918910399028 [click on the number to message directly on WhatsApp].

Notice: Currently out of stock.

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