How to Make Your Jewelry Last Longer

Who doesn’t like jewelry, be it fashion jewelry or gold, silver and platinum jewellery? But what we don’t realise is that everything needs maintenance.

Our jewelry is an essential part of our outfit, so how would it look when you are in a stunning attire but your accessories are just not on point. It leaves the person disappointed.

A question which arises in everyone’s mind is how to properly take off our jewelry so that it doesn’t break or tarnish.

People have been trying many hacks for so long to actually see in what kind of environment does our jewelry last longer.

6 Actionable Tips To Make your Jewelry Last Longer

So today we have some amazing tips and tricks which will leave you awestruck and your jewelry healthy and shining.

1. Cleaning your jewelry before storing it

Cleaning your jewelry

The first and foremost thing we must keep in mind is to clean our jewelry every time before storing it. If the jewelry isn’t cleaned properly before storing, then the sweat and dirt on it would cause the colour to fade away.

How to clean: Take a small piece of cloth (preferably cotton) and dip it in Lukewarm water. Now, with a very light hand, just wipe the jewelry and let it dry before you store it.

2. Store the jewelry in an airtight container

Jewelry box

Every piece of jewelry is different and so is their composition. You cannot store your diamonds the way you store your pearls.

So we must take off this thing before storing any of our jewelry. Pearls last longer if stored in an airtight box and are wrapped around with a piece of cloth. 

Platinum and gold accessories must be kept in separate containers and there should be no moisture of dust present within the box.

It makes the jewelry more breathable and helps it to last longer.

When we expose it to a humid environment or too much dust or heat , it would start reacting with it and you would end up losing a beautiful accessory.

3. Get your jewelry cleaned professionally

How to Make Your Jewelry Last Longer 1

We must pay attention to how we are treating our jewelry.

Every once in a while, we must make it a habit to take all of our jewelry pieces and get them cleaned professionally.

However, this isn’t a necessary step, but if you feel like your jewelry should stand out and speak for itself, proper care is necessary.

Professional cleaning will help the jewelry article restore its original shine.

But getting it cleaned professionally every once in a while does not mean that we should not be taking good care of it.

So, you must keep this thing in mind that keeping it clean and getting it cleaned are both very essential for your jewelry.

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4. Use antitarnishing paper

How to Make Your Jewelry Last Longer 2
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Antitarnishing paper slows down the tarnishing process.

Applying a thin layer of this paper in your storage box would not only make your jewelry tarnishing process slow, but would also help and protect it from getting any scratches.

Using this paper is not very essential, but using it would only make you and your precious articles healthy.

5. Separation is the key to happy jewelry

How to Make Your Jewelry Last Longer 3

We must take care of this very important thing while storing jewelry.

No two jewelry pieces must be put together.

Either we should put every accessory in small zip-lock bags and then store it in a container or just keep different containers for different jewelry.

Mixing two kinds of jewelry pieces would only lead to fading colour, scratches and breaking of those pretty little things you paid half of your salary for.

So, one should make it a point to store each and every piece separately.

6. Don’t forget to repair it and fix it after use.

While we suggest transparent nail polish for enhancing the glistening of the jewellery, it may seem cheap and deteriorated as it starts to peel off.. It is not recommended.

Furthermore, in case you lack any stones or even have to mend the closings, it is possible to restore it for a fraction of the cost from the jeweller you purchased it from any trendy jewellery shop.

Go to routine cleaning with warm water and a gentle toothbrush.

You may try using the mild shampoo to restore the colour of your jewellery with tarnishes and deeper stains and brush it clean. Before putting it back into storage, remember to fully dry the parts.

Final Words

These are some very basic yet important tips which everyone should keep in mind if they want their jewelry to last longer and shine its way through everyone’s eyes.

Someone has correctly said that “All that glitters is not gold” but I can assure you that if you follow these tips generously, then all your gold would be as glittery as it was when you bought it.

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