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7 Trendiest Jewelry Designs Based on Hindu Gods & Mythology

Jewelry has always been considered auspicious, and we believe it in India that a woman feels complete with the perfect jewelry.

It not only symbolizes one’s status and power but also shows how attached a person is to his /her roots.

In India, jewelry is considered much more than just a piece of accessories. It is someone’s beliefs, traditions, and cultural values.

People have found so many ways of how they can connect with their spiritual self and how they can strengthen their faith in God. Jewelry is one of them!

Other than the basic bridal jewelry, there is religious jewelry as well. It has motifs of Hindu gods and goddesses over them.

People wear such jewelry pieces to connect themselves more deeply with God and for protection.

We believe that wearing religious jewelry will protect you from all the negative energy and God’s blessings will always be with you.

We follow trends and especially those which we see are making such hype in the market.

From commoners to Bollywood celebrities, everyone has invested in at least one piece of such jewelry.

So doesn’t this make you crazy and curious to know about what are the trending jewelry pieces based on Hindu gods & mythology?



7 Trendiest Jewelry Designs Based on Hindu Gods & Mythology 1

These pendants have created such hype in the market because of the exquisite designs it comes in.

The original OM symbol is written and molded in such a manner that people are going crazy over these.

Especially at weddings, mangalsutra now has an OM pendant in them. It is believed that OM is a symbol of peace and serenity.

So, in our daily lives, where we are all rushing towards success, this pendant would make you feel calm and radiate energy, which would help you achieve your goals.

2. Radha Krishna

A beautiful art depicting the love of Radha Krishna. Any religious person who idolizes Krishna will be drawn to this ornament.

The metallic look for the pendant and beads strung together makes it suitable for anyone and any occasion.

It is easily available online at an affordable price. There are many similar designs too as you may find that in some neckpieces strings are not much highlighted. Hence, makes it preferred by many.

3. Maa Durga

For the worshippers of Maa Durga, it is a perfect pendant. Due to its small size, it is easily wearable all the time. It has a metallic silver look which makes it fancy wear even for youngsters.

The highly defined pendant is attached to a slightly beaded thin chain. Maa Durga is highly worshipped and holds immense importance in Hindu culture.

So it will be a good choice for people defining culture and modernity together.


7 Trendiest Jewelry Designs Based on Hindu Gods & Mythology 2

The Divine Ek Onkar is yet another jewelry piece that is worn in form of a pendant.

People generally pair it up with either a plain chain or a beaded chain. Both the chains complement the pendant and enhance its beauty.

The symbol has a very deep and true meaning to it. Every time you wear it, you not only look beautiful but also feel the same from within.

This trendy jewelry piece has such a buzz about it in the jewelry market that people are even ready to wait in long queues for it.


7 Trendiest Jewelry Designs Based on Hindu Gods & Mythology 3
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This chakra is hit amongst the people who love to wear colors and look vibrant.

The root chakra is the first chakra, and it radiates such positive energy that a person who is wearing it always feels safe and secure.

This chakra is generally paired with different colored gemstones and can be worn on any occasion. Women can wear it as a pendant, a ring, and even as earrings.

This is a really pleasant choice when one wants to play with colors.

The symbolism of this chakra states it provides people with vitality, strength, and life. This jewelry piece is not only beautiful but also has many firm beliefs and traditions attached to it.

6. Lord Hanuman Pendant

7 Trendiest Jewelry Designs Based on Hindu Gods & Mythology 4

“When in fear, recite Hanuman Chalisa” is the common saying in every Indian house.

The specialty of lord hanuman is he is dear to both boys and girls. He is worshipped in every home. Even boys, nowadays, fancy him a lot.

They wear lockets with “Gada” as its pendant, have him as their wallpaper and more or less there are several programs organized for him accompanied by rallies on streets. So basically he is the symbol of power, fearlessness, and devotion.

It is a piece of customized jewelry and artisans are always willing to make such pieces. It comes in various forms and shape.

Though this one is round in shape with a picture of Lord Hanuman embedded in the front, there are other metallic and silver pendants available within which Lord Hanuman is crafted by hand.


7 Trendiest Jewelry Designs Based on Hindu Gods & Mythology 5

Ganesha is the symbol of intelligence and wisdom.

This jewelry piece also depicts the same. Ganesha is also considered being a god who could solve all your problems. This can be worn in form of a pendant, a ring, and even earrings.

It can be made either from one single metal or from various metals combined together. The design varies from person to person. It can be a simple and small pendant with minimal details.

However, it can also be a complicated yet gorgeous design with different precious gems used all over it.

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From this, we can conclude that the market for god and goddess handmade custom jewelry is now expanding at a faster rate.

These traditional jewelry designs are welcomed by everyone and are given high status as they describe the Indian culture through art and craft.

Many ornaments are there like pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

A variety of choices are there for people according to their preferences which define their belief, culture, tradition, and devotion to their gods and goddess.

These jewelry pieces are more than just ornaments.

They depict emotion and culture. Such pieces are timeless and elegant and you don’t need any specific occasion to wear these.

They can be a perfect gift that a woman needs.

So what are you waiting for? Go and hop onto these jewelry trends and feel beautiful inside out.

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