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Best of Indian Jewelry designs

Ever got ready for an event and felt like something was missing? Jewelry is like the final touch that concludes your attire.

Be it a wedding, a small party, or even a visit to someone’s house, jewelry is an integral part of Indian apparel.

Jewelry is not just a piece of adornment for Indians, it is a significant part of our culture. It dates back thousands of years and is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The most common type of heirlooms found in Indian houses is Jewelry, which holds sentiments, stories from the past, and much more.

Just like most Indian traditions, our jewelry is extravagant, bold, and colorful. It comprises gorgeous gemstones like diamond, emerald, and ruby enclosed in precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum.

Each region has its kind of ornamental design which depicts that part of the culture very vividly. They are mostly handcrafted, which makes them very detailed and their crafting laborious.

The different types of Jewelry add to the title India is famous for which is ‘diversity.

There are plenty of options to choose from, but we have listed some prominent designs down below.

Kundan Jewelry

Best of Indian Jewelry designs 1
Kundan Jewelry. Pic: Pinterest

Also known as Bikaneri or Jaipuri Jewelry, Kundan Jewelry is most famous in the north region, particularly in Rajasthan.

The word Kundan translates to pure or refined gold, which is the main element used in making it.

It comprises precious gemstones encrusted with gold. Each stone is staged in its very own metal frame, which is then joined with other frames to make beautiful designs.

Kundan Jewelry usually gives you a royal look and is mostly worn during weddings and other ceremonies.

Meenakari Jewelry

NextBuye meenakari jhumka earrings
NextBuye meenakari jhumka earrings

Similar to Kundan Jewelry, Meenakari also includes stonework on gold or a mixture of gold with other metals. It usually features enameling precious stones on gold, to add beauty to the Jewelry.

It is more colorful, bright, and has a lustrous appearance. Meenakari also originated from Rajasthan, and it can be of formal or casual wear and can be paired with any kind of attire.

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Jadau Jewelry

Best of Indian Jewelry designs 2
Jadau Jewelry

Introduced by the Mughals, Jadau Jewelry got its name from the word ‘Jad’ which means to embed. It features gemstones such as uncut diamonds, pearls, and other precious stones embedded in a gold frame.

Jadau can feature enameling like the Meenakari, or a mix of both Kundan and Meenakari.

It comprises elaborate designs and requires rigorous labor and a lot of hours to create. This kind of jewelry is generally expensive and is usually passed down as heirlooms in the family.

Lacquer Jewelry

Best of Indian Jewelry designs 3
Lacquer Jewelry

Originating from Rajasthan, Lac or Lacquer Jewelry has gained popularity all over the world. Because of its versatile nature, it can be worn with any kind of attire.

It is colorful and comes in many shapes and sizes. Some cultures in Rajasthan relate owning Lac Jewelry to good luck. Lac bangles are especially loved all over India and are a major tourist attraction.

Pachikam Jewelry

Best of Indian Jewelry designs 4
Pachikam Jewelry

Pachchi or Pachikam Jewelry comes from traditional Indian heritage, and it’s now making a comeback in contemporary fashion.

Originating from Gujarat, it is similar to Kundan, except because silver is used as the base metal instead of gold. It doesn’t have a polished finish like the Kundan and is good for a vintage look.

Because of its use of silver and semi-precious stones, Pachikam Jewelry is cost effective. Indian women wear them during a formal event, because of their flamboyant appearance.

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Jali Jewelry

Best of Indian Jewelry designs 5
Jali Jewelry

As the name suggests, Jali Jewelry features precious metal, mostly gold, to form intricate patterns. This type of jewelry is most famous in India and is also the most commonly bought design.

The main focus is on the metal that is used in making it such as gold or silver and not on the gemstones.

It is made out of thin metal wires that are then molded to form exquisite patterns, which is why its crafting can also be quite laborious.

Jali Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, and there is a design available for each type of event. 

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Jewelry has always been a part of Indian culture and tradition.

The uniqueness of its designs makes it famous all around the world. Every piece of Indian Jewelry has a meaning behind it.

Different Jewelry symbolizes different beliefs, and some are specific to only married women.

It symbolizes status, wealth, and much more. It’s not just an ornament to an Indian Lady but a medium to express herself.

Nowadays, Indian Jewelry is also paired with western apparel to give a stylish yet elegant look.

Many people from around the world come to India to witness its unique handcrafting.

Although in present times when the fashion and trends keep changing constantly, Indian Jewelry remains unchanged and continues to shine. 

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