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14 Different Types of Earrings That’s Popular

Jewelry is an essential accessory for many people to stand out or simply feel stylish. It has always made women special and moreover, men enjoy wearing it too. It has as such become a part of almost everyone’s wardrobe.

Why do women love wearing jewelry?

It is for a reason that it can highlight the personality of a woman and happens to bring out the best features in them. The irony is it’s been ages women have adored wearing jewelry, be it earrings, necklaces, rings, or even bracelets, it always made them look confident, complete, and shine out.

What Are the Different Types of Earrings?

Let’s talk about the most loved piece of jewelry – EARRINGS.

As it’s every girl’s desire to have a jewelry box, more than anything you will find more than a pair of earrings. A pair of earrings is an accessory that can get you ready in two ticks and for any occasion, literally.


Jhumka earring design

One of the most loved types of earrings would be the “JHUMKAS”. There will barely be anyone who will not get hooked up to how beautiful a pair of jhumka is and how heritage-ly vibe it gives. The advantage is you can wear them with any pair of clothing and they won’t disappoint you.

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STUDS earrings

Then there are “STUDS”. Everyone has at least one pair of studs they can hop onto regularly. It doesn’t look dull even if you wear it to a party.

Stud earrings tend to be on the tiny side and sit snugly on the lobe without falling down, sideways, or climbing upward. Typically having a basic design, studs look excellent and comfy with any outfit. Diamond pads are one of the most popular earring designs and classics of jewellery.


Barbell Earrings for women

Earrings in the shape of barbells are comparable to free weights. Two stubs or balls are attached either to a long bar to retain it. Barbell earrings normally extend from the lobe up to the top of the upper earlobe and require several holes to fit in. More unusual earrings from barbells take balls and add décor or designs.


NextBuye Hoop Jhumka Earrings Red
NextBuye Hoop Jhumka Earrings Red

And who doesn’t love ”HOOPS”? They’ve been in trend ever since fashion exists. The best part about them is they will have your back on days when you are not sure of what earrings you should be wearing.

Hoop earrings are formed from the front of the earlobe to the rear. While they are circular, most hoop earrings can come in many forms, such as triangles, quadrats, and ovals. Smaller hoops provide an innocent appearance while bigger hoop earrings offer a striking impression. Choose a pair of diamond hoops for a dazzling appearance.


Huggies earring designs

If you’re one of those girls who can’t tolerate the pain of getting their ears pierced, the “HUGGIES” is your thing. It is as comforting as it sounds and gives the simplest of you a brighter and stylish look.

The earrings Huggie hugs the earlobe, curling around snugly. These tiny hoops are excellent for people who wish to seem like a hair earring without risk.


Chandbali Earring designs

Chandbalis are another type of hazelnut earrings dangling behind the ears, although their form extends to a candlestick. Branches of diverse segments are generally more rich and exquisite than other designs, which join together like a piece.

Tear Drop

Tear Drop Earring designs

The earrings are more like a classic earrings design. Like hanging earrings from the earrings, a stone or ornament in the same form as a teardrop falls from the item. Like candlesticks, teardrop earrings are considered more intelligent and elegant than a plain design.


Tassel earring design

“TASSEL” earrings will give the most bohemian looks ever. It adds a lot of drama to your outfit while you flaunt the chunky look!


Threader earrings

A thread earring, which threads over the ears and hangs down on both sides is a single, long, thin piece. The addition of stones or other décorative elements to the ends may make it more lavish.

Chandelier earrings

Chandelier earrings

This type of earring is long and is attached to a base, which may be a hook, stud, or clip-on type. Generally, these types of earrings are longer and extend almost to the shoulder but they are designed to be light so that the earlobe doesn’t stretch. The Chandelier earrings are made up of some precious or semi-precious gemstone. They are designed to sparkle and catch the lights. These types of earrings are worn in formal types like weddings because they look elegant, beautiful, and attractive. 

Drop earrings

Drop earrings

Drop earrings are simple pieces attached with gemstone, beads, or charm dropping from the base. These types of earrings are just hanging below the earlobe. Because of its small or drop design, they do not move while walking and swing your head. They look so attractive and elegant. This type of earring uses informal as well informal. Those who don’t prefer long can go with these types of earrings.

Dangle earrings

Dangle earrings

Dangle earrings are those earrings that hang below the earlobe and move from side to side or to and fro. The length of these earrings varies from brand to brand. They can be short as well as long. It depends upon you. They look so attractive. These types of earrings are eye-catchers.

It is vital, as we have said, to determine what kind of earring you desire. The many types of earrings back to the various earrings should also be considered.

The conclusion we come to is how earrings have been a symbol of womanhood and made women look gorgeous ever since ancient times. It completes their looks and makes them feel confident.

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