Best Bridal Hair Jewelry for Indian Brides & Tips to Buy them

Who doesn’t want to be the center of attention on their Wedding Day? We want all eyes to be on us and for that, we have to appear different from everyone else.

Although the way we dress can make us stand out but adding other accessories can also do the trick, especially if it is someplace people normally do not accessorize.

Your hair is the most beautiful part of your body and by accessorizing it, you accentuate its beauty.

As a bride, nothing that you wear will go unnoticed, so why not make the best out of it for your big day.

Be it a simple wedding look or an extravagant eye-catching look, the classic bun hairstyle, or an open hair, there is a hair accessory for every type.

Choosing the right item for your wedding can be a bit hectic, so we have eased a bit of your work by listing down some of the top Bridal Hair Jewelry, especially for Indian Brides, so that you can find the right fit for you according to your dream apparel.

What’s more, we have also added some helpful tips at the end for you, so that you are well prepared.

Maang Tikka

The most common yet famous hair accessory that you may find is the Maang Tikka. You can’t ever go wrong when it comes to it.

In fact, in some places, the bridal look is not complete without the Maang Tikka. It is an accessory that runs down along the parting of the hair and at the end of it is a pendant that sits on the forehead. 

Maang tikka comes in all shapes and sizes and can range from expensive to cost-effective. No matter what kind of look you try to go on with, it will never let you down. 


Jhoomar Hair Jewellery for Indian Bride, Bridal Hair Jewelry for Indian Bride
Jhoomar Hair Jewellery for Indian Bride

Another of the classic go-to hair accessory of an Indian Bride, Jhoomar also known as Passa, is the most famous in North India. If you’re going for a Royal Wedding Look then you should probably consider adding Jhoomar to your list.

It is usually worn on the side of your hair and can also be paired with a Maang Tikka for a more extravagant look.

Jhoomar goes well with a sharara or a garara, but it will look just as beautiful with a lehenga. It also goes well with any kind of hairstyle, making it a safe option to choose from. 

Fancy Juda Pins

If you are willing to compromise fashion for a more comfortable look by tying your hair into a bun, then fear not, we’ve got you covered as well.

Whoever said that buns are boring and old-fashioned must have not come across the trendy Juda Pins available in the market.

From a simple floral pin to a beautiful pin with chains, there is one for every kind of outfit.

The best part about having a bun hairstyle on your Wedding Day is that you get to accessorize your hair with more than one kind of accessory.

You can put on a Juda Pin and still add a Jhoomar or Maang Tikka for a more gorgeous eye-catching look.


If you have always dreamt of being a princess then what better day to be one other than on your special day.

A Tiara can add up to your fantasy and make you feel like a real-life princess. You can choose a pretty floral Tiara or a one studded with gems for an elegant look.  

If you are planning on wearing a gown to your Wedding or at Reception then adding a Tiara can complete your royal look.

Floral Tiaras can be worn during Mehendi Ceremony or on your Engagement to give a final touch of beauty.

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Some Tips to consider before buying Bridal Hair Jewelry

Now that you have gone through the above-mentioned accessories, you must have an image of what you might like to wear. But before you buy your final selection of hair accessories, there are certain points that you should ponder upon.

  • Your outfit is the most important element of your Wedding, so first, choose a dress that you desire and then pick the hair accessory that matches it.
  • Make sure you know what hairstyle you will go with and then try on different accessories according to that particular hairstyle.
  • Before finalizing, try to put on everything together and check whether they all go well.
  • Your comfort should be the priority and choose a style that is both stunning and comfortable to you.

We are sure that these tips will help you decide the right type of hair accessory for your Big Day so that no one can steal your very own spotlight. 

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