Must Have Jewelry for Bengali Brides

West Bengal, like many others in India, has grown its own style and is recognized for its academic brilliance and rich cultural background. When it comes to wearing a saree or traditional jewellery, Bengali ladies are really enthusiastic.

This is also true for you on your wedding day when you gently wrap the gorgeous red Banarasi saree around you, while a spotless, white ‘mukut‘ (crown-like adornment) rests on top of your head.

Her jewellery is complex, delicate and stunning and has beautiful curves and patterns, many of which originate in different areas of India.

Best Tradition Wedding Jewelry for Bengali Brides

So if you’re a Bengali bride who desires a traditional atmosphere on your big day, you’ll get to know the best jewellery advice.

1. Paati Haar

Must Have Jewelry for Bengali Brides 1

The ‘paati hair’ is the collar used in Durga Puja and at marriages in Bengali language.

This traditional clothing is a bridal gem in the rich Bengali families.

Although the ‘paati hair’ patterns are complex and complex, they have been made easy to wear by shaping them flatter and wider. 

2. Shonar Mukut 

Must Have Jewelry for Bengali Brides 2

As the name implies, the bride’s head is decorated by a gold crown called Shonar Mukut, which gives the bride the look of a queen.

It is part of the bridal jewellery of Bengal, that you may also adopt to add to your bridal character a regal touch.

The Mukut doesn’t have to be of genuine gold, you may even choose artificial gemstones for the same.

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3. The Nolok

Must Have Jewelry for Bengali Brides 3

A Nolok or Nath, like many other Indian wedding gems, is an important component of Bengali bridal jewellery as well.

Though it’s not the obligatory bridal gem, there’s a classic elegance that makes many women go for it.

A Nolok is a big nose ring with a rope going up to the ear. Since a Nolok is only a single piece of clothing, you may use artificial jewels.

4. Chik 

Must Have Jewelry for Bengali Brides 4

This is the ‘choker’ which is near the bride’s neck. The ‘chik’ generally sits nicely on the bride’s neck and should not reach the bone of the collar.

The bridal jewellery includes gold chokers. Sometimes, they come packed to provide an add-on effect with diamonds or pearls.

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5. Kaan Bala, Kaan pasha & Jhumko

Must Have Jewelry for Bengali Brides 5

Now the ear decorations are coming! An earring in the shape of an ear is a Kaan Bala, a traditional Bengali Bridal Jewelry piece.

On the other side, Kaan Pasha is a huge gold bowl with complex patterns. And finally Jhumka or the Jhumka – huge, dramatic slanting earrings that brides love the entire country!

6. Maang Tikka

Must Have Jewelry for Bengali Brides 6

In Bengali wedding jewellery, this is another kind of grandeur used to hold the Bong Bride’s veils.

Some are certain that while the British ruled the nation, the ‘tiara‘ or ‘maang tikka.’

The tairaa lends to the new bride an element of elegance and greatly helps to attach the veil.

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7. The Three Bridal Bangles Shakha, Pola & Noa

Must Have Jewelry for Bengali Brides 7

These are the three totally important components of the Bengali bridal delight: Shakha (Conch shell bangles), Pola (Coral Bangles) and Noa (Golden Iron Bangle).

The Shakha is the white coral bangle, whereas on wedding day Pola is the red coral bracelet worn by the bride.

However, as she reaches her new house, Noa is given to the bride.

These three bracelets are meant to be worn throughout the marriage by brides.

8. Ratanchur

Must Have Jewelry for Bengali Brides 8

‘Ratanchur’ gem is designed for hands as a record of Mughal times. The five finger rings are connected to the wrist by separate chains in this traditional Bengal jewellery.

The Sun, Moon and Lotus are common designs used to make ratanchur.

The ratanchur typically has a simple design consisting of sensitive chain styles and flowery discs connecting a wrist to many finger rings, similar to the hash phool (hand decorations).

9. Saath Noli Haar – The Layered Necklace

A Saat Noli Haar is a traditional family heirloom, a type of jewellery when we talk about necklaces. They are passed on to the new generation by mothers and grandmothers.

Of course, it is an important bridal jewellery piece from Bengal. A Saat Noli Haar is a gold necklace of 7 layers, also called a Paanch Noli Haar, with five layers.

10. The Nupur

Must Have Jewelry for Bengali Brides 9

While wearing a rattan is not a core ritual, many women like to put this Bengali bridal jewellery on their feet.

A Nupur generally comprises silver or kundan with one thread. Brides sometimes choose to wear a broader anklet with tiny hooks too.

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Other examples of the distinctive workmanship of Bengal include pendants, brooches, armlets and hair pins. You now know why, apart from Tussar and Jamdani, Bengal has more to offer.

Hopefully, it is a joy to study as much as it does to wear the traditional names in Bengali.

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