What Are The Different Types Of Indian Wedding Jewellery?

We believe that Indian wedding jewellery can be that one insignificant item that can make you feel special. It is indeed one of Indian Bride’s most precious assets.

You could never say no to gems, could you?

Some of us gather valuable jewels, customarily handed along from generation to generation, from our mother, our grandparents, and their grandmothers.

Some like to go out and select a personalized piece according to the latest trend.

It may be quite hectic to choose the jewels for your marriage and pre-marriage traditions.

Different Types of Indian Bridal Jewellery
Different Types of India Bridal Jewellery

When you have chosen the perfect wedding gown, now it is time to place some consideration on the proper jewelry and accessories.

The modern bride has so many jewelry alternatives.

8 Most popular Indian wedding jewellery designs that every bride must consider buying

Here we have provided you with many sorts of Indian bridal jewelry, with tips and methods to help you choose the ideal piece for you.

1. Gold Jewelry

What Are The Different Types Of Indian Wedding Jewellery? 1

The true significance of Indian Gold is the notion that gold is as purely purified as possible.

The gold, 9 carats, 14 Carat or 18 Carat, 21 Carat Gold, or 22 Carat Gold is used in many global countries.

Without this precious metal, South Indian bridal jewelry would not be complete.

Most brides always select traditional gold jewelry for the Muhurta marriage ceremony, though wearing modern jewelry for the celebration. 

2. Gemstone Jewelry 

Ruby, Emerald, and the Sapphire excellent precious stones set in Gold create one of the best jewelry items.

The shapes and colors, frequently coupled with diamonds strung in gold, are important investments in gemstone jewelry, separating them from the ordinary use of gold. 

For their value and elegance, they are the most sought-after bridal jewelry.

Adorn yourself with traditional gemstone jewelry items and give your appearance that regal touch.

This jewelry is great for the whole wedding.

3. Jewelry of the Mughal

We saw several Bollywood Divas flaunting beautiful Mughal jewels, from Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani to Aishwarya Rai, in Jodha Akbar.

Mughal jewelry is quite trendy today, thanks to these divas.

Many designers are observed to play with, especially in Bridal jewelry with massive jewels and ethnic designs, and in Mughal jewelry, they find their appropriate home.

Mughal jewels range from enamel patterns to Navratna gems and complex Jadau.

Select your wedding from a magnificent Navratna gemstone and make a distinctive statement of style.

4. Kundan Jewelry

Kundan Jewelry
Kundan Jewelry

Kundan Jewelry, traditionally used by the Mughals, is crafted by craftsmen with perfect polish and complex patterns.

It uses glass imitations placed in gold or silver-colored stones. Kundan is relatively cost-effective, unlike Polki jewelry.

Meenakari also contains the reverse side of enamel paint.

Kundan becomes a popular option of jewelry for all brides, a fantastic alternative to gold conventional jewelry.

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5. Pearl Jewelry 

Pearl Jewelry
Pearl Jewelry

Pearl is known as the “Queen of Gems.” Pearl is a fantastic choice for brides who want to make their jewelry modest or simple.

Increase a sense of royalty to your bridal appearance with multi-layer pearls, exquisite strands, and statements of Pearl jewelry.

Mostly, Pearl fuses easily with any attire, adding a smart touch and creating the perfect look that makes you seem like a princess right from a pearl maang tikka to earrings, bracelets, and more.

6. Pachchikam Jewelry

Gujarat and Kutch are the places where this traditional jewelry began. It is the crudest and more complicated piece of art famous for its individuality and styles.

Contrary to other gems, Silver is used as its foundation and combined with other precious and semi-precious stones.

The procedure is extremely laborious but is well-appreciated for its handcrafted touch of brilliance and better finish. Pachchikam is a very unique gem style, with a fantastic style and looks adorable.

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7. Lac

Lac, often known as Lacquer, is today a piece of globally renowned jewelry with its origins in Rajasthan.

Lac has been integrated into several sorts of ornaments, such as bajuband, maang tikka, and many more to reinforce the style. 

Lac jewelry is available in many styles, making it one of the most popular Indian bridal jewelry design.

Bangles made of lac are a requirement in many Indian weddings since they are seen to be beneficial for wives.

Lac filing bracelets are frequently colored brilliantly with glass on them and are very popular.

8. Polki Jewellery

NextBuye Wedding Jewelry Set with American Diamond

Polki is the jewelry of uncut diamonds, introduced by the Mughals of ancient India. Compared to actual Diamond jewelry, it comes with a lesser price tag and a high quality.

Polki is an interesting option for bridal jewelry and is widely recognized for its unusual brightness and style since they are made from diamonds in raw finishing.

Also, as compared to Kundan, it has a greater value for money, because the resale value is good. Experiment with Polki jewelry and design your wedding day with an exquisite bridal style.

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