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What is Temple Jewelry?

India is home to different cultures and traditions and has a rich history of various kinds of dynasties and rulers.

Every culture has its unique artifacts, which are preserved to date and are now a part of India’s unique heritage.

One such article is India’s famous Temple Jewelry, which is a relic that is still prevalent in present times.

Utilizing such an artifact takes us back to the old times and reminds us of our ancestors and keeps us connected to our various cultures.

Temple Jewelry, as the name suggests, is an auspicious symbol of India’s vast Temple heritage.

South India is famous for its unique Temple designs and those patterns are present in the so-called Temple Jewelry.

It is the most famous Jewelry in South India and is often worn to any kind of event.

It comprises pure gold or silver, which makes it precious and the depiction of gods or goddesses makes it even more significant.

Here is all you need to know about Temple Jewelry so that you can appreciate its rich history and understand its significance in Indian culture.

What is Temple Jewelry?

Temple Jewelry is a part of India’s ethnic jewelry and is crafted to depict various forms of gods and goddesses, temple architecture, sacred animals, and much more.

The crucial element of it is gold, or silver, with various precious gems embedded in it.

Nowadays ordinary metal such as copper or bronze is also used to make it pocket-friendly such that it is available to everyone.

Temple Jewelry is also known as Dance Jewelry, as classic dancers widely used it to give a complete ethnic look.

It is also worn during wedding ceremonies and is a common south Indian heirloom.


Said to be originated during Chola and Pandya Dynasty, Temple Jewelry was earlier donated to the temple as an offering to the deities.

It was only worn by Royals and people of prominent positions and was not available to the common folks.

Later on, Temple dancers and other devotees started wearing an imitation of the original jewelry and that is how it came to be used as it is today.

Designs and Types

What is Temple Jewelry

Temple Jewelry comes in various designs and ranges from a small nose ring to a heavy necklace.

In the past, it was made only from pure gold and the most common motif was of goddess Laxmi or Lord Ganesha.

In today’s time, artisans started using gems of various kinds, and sometimes Kundan, Meenakari, and Polka are also done on it to further enhance its look. 

The most recurrent designs in Temple Jewelry are that of gods and goddesses, royal figures, peacocks, elephants, flowers, especially the lotus, and famous temple architectures.

All these designs are intricately crafted with waves, lines, or filigree borders.  

It gives a glorious and graceful look to anyone wearing it, and that is why it is worn during ceremonies and functions of all kinds.

There are two different types of Temple Jewelry depending upon events.

  • Regular Temple Jewelry: This type includes common pieces of jewelry like necklaces, earrings, chokers, bangles, etc. It is usually worn during traditional functions such as wedding ceremonies, baby showers, pilgrimage, and other such events.  
  • Occasional Temple Jewelry: This type includes special pieces of jewelry such as anklets, armlets, waist belts, hip chains, etc. It is mostly worn by traditional dancers to enhance their look and some heavy Jewels are adorned by brides at their wedding. 

Modern Times

In the past, the process of making Temple Jewelry was done entirely by hand and because of its complicated designs, it used to take a lot of days and hard work.

Nowadays, with the advancement in technologies, some of the work is done by machines, which makes it easier and time-saving.

Imitations of Temple Jewelry are famous in modern times because they are cost effective and easy to buy.

It is popular with all age groups and is worn during ordinary days as well to boost one’s style.

Temple Jewelry is also paired with western attires to give a touch of culture to the overall apparel.

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Temple Jewelry is an integral part of India’s timeless history. It tells us tales about the majestic and holy cultures that were prevalent in earlier times.

It is not just jewelry but a symbol of divine presence, and it is believed to bring good luck to the person owning it. It holds sentiments and the heirlooms remind people of their ancestors and stories of the past.

Temple Jewelry is a valuable part of the Indian market.

The jewelry passed down to ancient clans and classical dancers is said to be the original form of art and is sold at exorbitant prices.

We sell it both in the Indian market and as well as in the foreign market as a symbol of India’s heritage. Temple Jewelry has become more famous in modern times and its significance continues to glow.

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