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What Is Meenakari Jewelry?

The word Meena Kari is a mixture of Meena and Kari which together means putting paradise onto ornaments. Mina, in particular, means the female version of paradise or heaven. Kari in itself means to put something on-to.

This kind of art usually involves complicated designs and is furnished on ornaments, furniture, utensils, frames, or vases, and even more. It is a basic form of painting or coloring metal-surfaced objects.


In the early twenties, Iranian artisans bought minakari art into practice and trained many local artisans. Mughals played an important role in perfecting the technique, making the design more intricate in applying.

The culture of India has been loved and respected for many centuries now. In India, Meenakari jewelry is famous in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Raja Man Singh of Mewar was known as the patron of Meenakari jewelry in Jaipur.

Later, when Jaipur became the hub of Meenakari jewelry, the talented craftsmen made the place a special corner for Meena Kari jewelry.

In the initial years, gold was used to make Meena kari art. Later, silver was introduced when they started making intricate designs on spoons, bowls, and other vessels. Last, copper was also used by the craftsmen after an act that forced the jewelers to look after other metals to create Meena Kari art.

Meenakari jewelry made of gold will be expensive than that made in silver. The jewelry outshines every other metal and is also known as the epitome of bridal jewelry in India.

There is also Meenakari Banarasi Saree that is weaved out of Resham threads. A perfect combination of Resham and Zari is also the best example of Meena Kari Banarasi Saree.


How to Choose Perfect Bridal Jewellery

Many of us have also been familiar with adoring our most loved actresses. We wouldn’t have noticed it, but Meena Kari Jewelry has its demand on our television shows, moreover in our Film Industry too.

So many of the known names viz; Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai, Himanshi Khurana, etc. Not only them wearing it, but also flaunting our heritage makes us love the jewelry even more. 

This is a generation who loves anything handmade, handcrafted, which makes them proud of their heritage. And so many feel like wearing it.

A woman adores herself in traditional, as it gives a positive, dynamic and ambitious feeling. It makes them feel better about themselves, their personality and our heritage have given us everything that we’ve always wanted.


Meenakari Jewelry can be classified in the native language in two styles, the ‘Ek Rang Khula’ style which consists of the five colors which form the whole Meenakari Jewelry Set if one enamel color is applied to the whole jewelry design, and the ‘Panchrangi Meena’ style which is a reference to the title.

The five colors are locally made of white pearl, powder blue, blue, red blood, and green, and vivid hues of gold and silver.

Due to the fact that Meenakari Jewelry has now become a major Rajasthani jewelry, the method of producing Rajasthani wedding jewelry has become an important element.

Meenakari may be found on the Rakdhi, Aarsi enormous ring, bajuband in Mughal style, wedding Chura, Bicchua foot bands, renowned Aad bands, the hottest trendsetter – Haath Phool, and the regal Rani hair.

Meenakari’s Gulaabi Meena style is highly demanded in the context of the regional brides-to-be A-list celebrities who request the trend to harmonize perfectly with their powdered lehengas.

Gulaabi Meena style is made of baby pink enameling, with a white glass Pulver contrast and gold or silver powder, and custom design embellishments.

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Meenakari Jewellery Patterns

There are infinite designs in Meenakari gemstones.

But a wide range of paintings, Mughal floral patterns, paisley sweats, images of gods and goddesses, leaves, flowers, and fish, and patterns inspired from Moughal buildings are among the most popular designs to be found in Meenakarian bridal pieces of jewelry.

The more intricate a design is, the higher the price tag of the Meenakari piece of jewelry. Before purchasing the jewelry kit, always keep an eye on the more polished and clean style of Meenakari.

Jewelry from Meenakari shines over every other type of jewellery and is regarded to be an embodiment of India’s traditional wedding style.

This style stands out from others in bridal jewellery, which helps the wearer shine as she establishes a trend relationship for the bridesmaids at her own wedding.

Meanakari Jewelry takes a lot of thorough study and purchasing, as does any other kind of bridal jewelry investment.

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