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Kundan jewelry is one of the oldest form of jewelry in India. People have been making kundan jewelry for ages. It was originated in Gujrat and Rajasthan. The most intricate kind of jewelry with the purest form of gold. But people often mistake it to be very expensive. There is no doubt that it is made from 24K Gold but it majorly has stonework all over it.

So, its price is not as people imagine it to be. So, let’s just dive into the history of how this beautiful artifact was discovered and what actually it is.



Kundan jewelry came into existence with the Mughals and Rajputs who ruled over India. They started this trend of kundan jewelry many centuries ago and it flourished the most under the reign of Mughals. It is a very delicate and complicated kind of jewelry.

Precious stones like emeralds and rubies are mostly used in its design along with the thin gold foil surrounding it.

The whole process of making the kundan jewelry is known as jadau jewelry. This trend of jewelry which was started centuries ago still has a huge consumer market.

The exquisite designs of kundan jewelry will reveal the cultural and traditional side of Mughals and Rajputs. The designs made on every jewelry piece seem unique and have inspiration from way back in history in it.



We all know that kundan jewelry has its own royal look and has been in trend for ages. People nowadays like to invest in jewelry that is chic and can go with the majority of their outfits.

Kundan jewelry is the answer to this problem. The most beautiful and creative-looking jewelry which goes along with any outfit is what we the youth needs right now.

All the celebrities have time and again proved their love for Kundan jewelry.

Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Meera Rajput, etc. have been rocking these jewelry pieces with whatnot, be it an Indian traditional outfit or a western outfit, this jewelry will always make you stand out. The trendiest kind of Kundan jewelry right now is the one with emeralds in it.

All you need is this jewelry piece to rock the world and be what you have dreamt of.

Kinds of kundan jewelry that you should know about:

Kinds of KUNDAN JEWELRY Designs

Kundan jewelry set usually includes an elaborate kundan necklace and an equally huge and beautiful set of earrings. The bridal kundan set has additional mang tikka and handcuffs to it.

The jewelry set can be more elaborate if the person buying it wants more add ons like head ornaments.

Kundan has been so popular that people wear it in every form possible. There are Kundan neckpieces, Kundan earrings, Kundan rings, and whatnot.

There has been a steep rise in demand for different types of Kundan jewelry after the release of movies like Jodha Akbar, Bajirao Mastani, Ram Leela, etc. Which have presented this jewelry in the best possible way.

How to store kundan jewelry?

1. Kundan is one of the prettiest and most delicate jewelry. It’s majorly made out of precious stone which is very delicate and one has to handle them with care.

2. Kundan jewelry should always be stored in airtight plastic boxes with a sponge or cotton in them. It would protect the jewelry from any kind of jerk which could cause breakage.

It would also prevent the jewelry from reacting with different chemicals. Once Kundan jewelry starts reacting with other unwanted chemicals, then the stones attached to it would start turning black.

So it is very important to keep the jewelry in a safe box separately. It should not be stored with any other jewelry.

Author’s Take

Kundan has been considered auspicious and graceful. There is no wedding that would take place without the bride wearing the best of kundan jewelry.

It just seems like a tradition now. So moving forward, let’s just be our proud selves and embrace the beautiful selves we are with the perfect Kundan jewelry.

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