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What is oxidized jewellery? All you need to know!

Jewelry has been around for a long, long time, but what is this oxidized jewelry that is trending these days?

Simple, oxidized jewellery is the same jewelry, but with their surface colors changed by introducing a few chemicals to them.

This might seem to be an oversimplified answer, but this is it, only the metals used are not pure gold or silver, which makes it cost-effective. 

Oxidized jewelry is more popular than ever before and anyone can tell why this is. This jewelry is versatile, they are cheaper and they have a very different look, it’s both trendy and edgy.

It has a shadowy effect, which gives a delightful contrast that makes it look nice and also makes the gems pop. 


What is oxidized jewellery? All you need to know! 1
Nextbuye Owl Oxidised Earrings

Humans have been making jewelry out of shiny metals for a long time, and we all know metal start corroding after time, take silver for example, after some time it starts to react with the pollutants in the air, more specifically with sulfur, which results in formations of a black layer on the surface known as the silver sulfide. This gives the jewelry made out of silver a very antique look. 

This antique look is praised by many, so the jewelers started doing this, using chemicals, and then they started combining metals to make alloys, which after introducing different chemicals allowed them to give different colors to the jewelry. 


What is oxidized jewellery? All you need to know! 2
Jewellery making raw materials

There is a lot of oxidized jewellery in trend these days, earrings, anklets, necklaces, and a lot more.

Oxidized pendants are there with precious gems and stones that can replicate design styles of the Mughal, Tribal, Meenakari, and a lot of other styles.

The pendants that are designed to look like zodiac signs are also very popular amongst young adults and teens.

Oxidized bangles and bracelets are also very much in fashion these days. Wearing a good number of thin oxidized bangles is particularly liked by teens.

Oxidized beaded jewelry with different color combinations is also liked by several people. 

A beautiful antique look is offered with oxidized necklaces. You may add your basic blouse and long skirt to a well oxidised necklace.

This is lovely.

In this stylish style, you will feel cosy and beautiful. These include high neck chokers, lengthy collars, pendulum chains or even a straight chain. 

The locks and pendant are complex and set in conjunction with other half-precious coloured stones. Some are even painted to underline the little design elements.

Every element of this minute design makes it all the more gorgeous and adaptable to combine with western and Indian dress.

An oxidised ring is the best way to declare a style. You can use a big ring to provide your evening party in a striking style. Complete your goals of making distinctive earrings, necklaces, straps, and much more. These ring sizes and styles are available. 

They are also combined in gold and silver, making them work for tools with both gold and silver. Without seeming flashy or overdressed, it’s rather hard to match gold with silver. But these rings facilitate this hit and our life too!

You should certainly attempt headpieces if you adore experimenting with your appearance. These look very amazing when combined with lehenga and saree.

Oxidized maang tikka looks stunning and daring, with an attractive gown, a top of the tank, indo-west dress or even a maxi-dress.

Different types of earrings like a hoop, danglers, and a lot more, and then there are anklets with tiny little bells, beads, mirrors, chains, and other stuff that are also very much liked.


What is oxidized jewellery? All you need to know! 3
Nextbuye Oxidised Earrings

Maintenance has to be one of the most important parts of owning a piece of jewelry. After all, nobody wants their jewelry to lose its most important attribute, looks. 

So, anyone who owns it should know how to maintain it. With oxidized jewelry it’s fairly simple;  

  1. You should keep it away from hot water or steam  
  2. As its entire surface is oxidized, you should never use tarnish remover  
  3. Store it in a dark and cool place  
  4. Keep it away from direct sunlight  
  5. And for cleaning, only polishing cloth or a cotton swab can be used but gently. 

These can fit anyone’s needs, doesn’t matter if you are looking for something traditional or something modern, something classy and contrasty, or something casual and colorful. There is something for everyone.

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